The multi-faceted dollar-sign

Variables & Clones

BLUEPHRASE uses the dollar sign for variables, sequencers, inner clones, and outer clones.

The use pragma allows externally defined variables to be used within a BLUEPHRASE manuscript.

Declaring and using variables

Text variables
Declaring and using text variables.
Attribute variables
Using variables inside shorthand attributes.
Sequencing variables
Declaring sequencers for use as automatic incrementors.
Alternate numbering schemes
Formatting sequencers with other counting methods.
Saving variable values
Saving a copy of a variable and using it to restore its value when needed.


Inner clones
Using inner clones to copy the inner phrases only.
Outer clones
Using outer clones to copy a phrase and its complete phrase hierarchy.

Unplaced manuscripts

Unplaced phrases and variables
Defining phrases and variables for use elsewhere.
Declaring phrases just for clones
Using a !use pragma to include a hidden phrase hierarchy for later cloning.
Using an invisible manuscript
Using the !use pragma to inject variables and clone templates into the BLUEPROCESSOR.

The multi-faceted dollar-sign

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