Rules are made to be broken

Special Formatting Rules

Breathing space can be added to any composition to pace the reader, or to provide clues to an upcoming contextual switch in the writing.

Line breaking & hyphenation

Horizontal rule
Creating a break in the flow of a composition.
Breaking a paragraph
Forcing the middle of a paragraph to start on a new line.
Hyphenating a long word
Breaking a word at a designated point by providing a hint to the automatic hyphenator.

Preformatted text

Pre-formatted text blocks
Adding lines of text that retain the author-provided spacing and line breaks.

Escapes and Unicode characters

Escape sequences
Preventing the BLUEPROCESSOR from interpreting a character as an instruction, and forcing it to treat a character as itself.
Spaces, dashes, and Unicode symbols
Using extra narrow and extra wide spaces, dashes, and other special Unicode symbols.

Rules are made to be broken

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