Beyond hashtags and full-stops

Shorthand Notation

Add attribute modifiers to any semantax using shorthand notation. Improve source code readability, and reduce syntactic clutter using easily recognizable, but inconspicuous keystrokes.

Shorthand notation

Shorthand identifiers
Using identifier shorthand notation (#) to assign an ID to a phrase.
Shorthand class names
Using classname shorthand notation(.) to assign CSS class attributes to a phrase.
Shorthand sourcerefs for URLs
Using sourceref notation for href, src, action and data.
Shorthand sourcerefs for filenames
Using sourceref notation for paths to !include, !enclosure and !use files.
Shorthand styles
Using style shorthand notation (^) to add CSS rules to a phrase.
Shorthand attributes
Using attribute shorthand notation (*) for HTML element attributes.
Shorthand RDFa properties
Using RDFa shorthand notation (?) to assign semantic vocabulary properties.
Shorthand ARIA roles
Using ARIA role shorthand notation (+) to assign WAI accessibility roles to a phrase.

Beyond hashtags and full-stops

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