Preparing reports without the hassle

Doppelmarks for Reports

BLUEPHRASE has special doppelmarks for structured reports with hierarchical headings.

BLUEPHRASE also has special doppelmarks for placing citations inline, directly adjacent to the material that references them.


Using listmarks to build a document's table of contents.
Using citemarks to build a "References Cited" back-matter section.

List Builder

Abbreviated listmarks
Building a table of contents with abbreviated text.
Removing links to listmarks
Removing hyperlinks from the table of contents to listmarks.
Building two or more lists using coalescers
Build a list of figures, a list of photo credits, and more.
Listmark sort order
Ordering listmark items sequentially, numerically, or alphabetically.

Citations Builder

Removing citation backlinks
Removing backlinks from citations to citemarks.
Building separate references cited
Build separate "References Cited" for articles or chapters.
Citations sort order
Ordering citemark items sequentially or alphabetically.

Preparing reports without the hassle

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